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Warpath (2000)

Directed By


Peter Maris

Written By


Michael January


Billy Parish


Jim Longfoot

Amy Lindsay


Cindy Lake

Michelle Jones


Heather Longfoot

Kathy Derry

Spence Decker


Cult Leader

Kurt Paul

Darrell Mapson

Joshua Paul Miller



Carl Irwin

Kirk Roos



Willy Ortlieb

Quinn K. Redeker

(as Quinn Redeker)

Lolo Villanueva


Cult Member



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Warpath is a taut, riveting action adventure thriller about one man's search for justice. Jim Longfoot (Billy Parish) witnesses the brutal rape of his new bride Heather (Michelle Jones) by the psychotic leader of a dangerous cult (Spence Decker). After he's beaten and left for dead, Longfoot reverts to his American Indian heritage. He summons his childhood training and the spirits of his ancestors as he faces the ultimate test of survival. Jim is accused of murder and wanted law.

On the run, he meets with Cindy Lake (Amy Lindsay) a newspaper reporter that will do anything to get her story. Believing she is dealing with a killer, she sets herself up as a hostage to get the inside scoop. When she discovers Jim is innocent and has been set up by the cult, she wants to find out why. Chased by the police and hunted by the cult, together they discover the awful truth. The action explodes in a dangerously risky raid on the cult's stronghold, as Jim Longfoot continues his journey on the WARPATH!

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Peter Maris
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