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The Survivor (2006)

Directed By


Peter Maris

Written By


Peter Maris


Jana Williams


Nichole Weller

David Homb

Kerri Lee Jones

Jeremy Dunn

Kerrilee Kaski

(as Kerri Kaski)

Joshua Paul Miller



Robert Olding

Chris Ward

James Inch

Kopi Sotiropulos

Kathleen Reed


News Anchor

Chris Terrence

Victor Fernando Magana


Larry's Assistant

Stephanie Hoover

Charlie Bonner

Nancy O'Hara

Richard Kreps

Stephanie Schlund



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What happens when you enter a world of make believe and you find yourself in a life and death situation? How far will a person go to achieve a dream? Jana Williams stars as Nicole Weller in this heart pounding suspense thriller about a young actress making a movie on location in the Sierra Mountains. It turns out to be anything but what she hoped for when a gang of vicious killers shoot the film director and take Nicole hostage to the remote parts of the Sierras. Is it an illusion, a fantasy or a premonition? These are the questions running through her mind as she is about to face the greatest challenge of her life. Her fight for SURVIVAL!

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Peter Maris
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