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Terror Squad (1987)


Directed By


Peter Maris

Written By


Chuck Rose
Mark Verheiden (story)


Chuck Connors


Chief Rawlings

Brodie Greer


Capt. Steiner

Bill Calvert



Kerry Brennan



Kavi Raz



Joseph Nasser



Budge Threlkeld


Mr. Nero

Dennis Moynahan



Ken Foree


Deputy Brown

Nathan Dyer

Lisa Ross

Baggie Hardiman

Jill Sanders


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Somewhere in the Middle East, a passionately flamboyant Arab leader whips his people into a frenzy during a street protest against America's superpower. Meanwhile, in a sleepy little farm community in Indiana, detention students gather after school in Mr. Nero's (Budge Thelkheld) classroom where they are instructed to read quietly for ninety minutes. The students, which include rocker Johnny Dillion (Bill Calvert), the beautiful Jennifer Nelson (Kerry Brennan), computer expert Norman Dingle (Dennis Moynanhan), pert cheerleader Mary Lynn Gilbert (Jill Sanders), football jock Doug and punker Larissa, immediately raise hell the moment Nero leaves the room. Norman tunes into a local aerobics program on his pocket television, only to learn the United States government is beefing up security of several installations following the bomb attacks on Libya.

Meanwhile, at the Black River Nuclear plant in Indiana, Arab terrorists Yassir (Kavi Raz) and Gamel (joseph Nasser) conduct an ill-fated takeover attempt. Chief Rawlings (Chuck Connors) is notified of the attack and immediately sets off in hot pursuit of the terrorists with a fleet of police vehicles, resulting in a spectacular car chase that destroys over half the police force. The terrorists slaughter dozens of innocent bystanders before escaping into the surrounding farmlands where they blow a police helicopter out of the sky.

Yassir and Gamel take the terrified detention students hostage moments before Rawlings and his men converge at the high school. Yassir assures Rawlings the students will come to no harm as long as his demands are met with the half hour. Steiner (Brodie Greer), the reactionary SWAT team captain, wants to storm the building in an effort to free the students through violence, though Rawlings elects to negotiate with the trigger-happy terrorists.

Mary Lynn is released after Mr. Nero implores the terrorists to let her go. Rawlings attempts to question Mary Lynn about her captors, though the hysterical girl proves to be of little help. Mr. Nero is instructed to place the names of the remaining students in a hat in order to select the first to die Doug tackles Gamel, giving Johnny and Norman enough time to escape the classroom. Norman later fashions crude weapons to be used against the terrorists, though Johnny refuses to do battle against an AK-47. He later experiences a change of heart after finding the bullet riddled body of his pal Gus crumpled in the hallway.

Meanwhile, Yassir and Gamel prepare the remaining hostages for flight. Larissa refuses to cooperate with the terrorists, inciting Gamel to break both her legs in retaliation. He later beats Mr. Nero to death after Nero confronts him with the severity of his crimes. Doug regains consciousness, only to be murdered in cold blood after he attacks Gamel.

Yassir and Gamel hustle the terrified Jennifer toward the waiting bus as the helpless troops look on. Yassir suddenly pitches forward, one of Norman's handmade arrows firmly lodged in his back. Gamel loads the injured Yassir onto the bus, then quickly takes command of the bus to continue his escape bid. Johnny leaps onto the roof of the bus, then later attempts to rescue Jennifer via the emergency door. He's spotted by Gamel, who fires his rocket launcher through the back of the bus. Johnny carefully inches his way along the underbelly of the vehicle toward Gamel. He shatters the windshield with the rear view mirror, causing Gamel to lose control of the bus. The bus rockets through the side of a passing train and later skids to a stop in an open field on the other side of the tracks.

Johnny rushes to pull Jennifer from the wreckage, though he's attacked and beaten by the outraged Gamel. Jennifer summons the courage to shoot Gamel. Jennifer summons the courage to shoot Gamel in the back with his gun, then together with Johnny, dives for cover moments before the bus explodes in a spectacular ball of fire.

Peter Maris
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