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Peter Maris

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Producer/Director Peter Maris has been involved in the film industry for most of his adult life. His reputation for coupling high quality stories and financial consideration with artistic integrity and talented performances has resulted in the box office successes of such films as “Viper”, “Hangfire”, “Ministry of Vengeance”, “Stingray”, “True Blood”, “Diplomatic Immunity”, and “Alien Species” among others. Peter has produced and/or directed over thirty movies, staring such performers as: Linda Purl, George Kennedy, James Tolkan, Jeff Fahey, Sherilyn Fenn, Kim Delaney, John Schneider, Bruce Boxleitner, Robert Forster, Diane Ladd, and Shelly Winters, among others. Bringing his extensive creative talents to an entirely new medium, Peter also directed one of the industry's best selling interactive computer games, "Phantasmagoria".

As a producer, Peter insists his productions remain within the confines of established budgets and schedules. At the same time, he is a master at creating compelling films with an “on-screen look” far exceeding their actual costs. Peter has produced films in Hollywood, and New York, as well as numerous locations throughout the United States and Internationally. He has exceptional skills in working with a wide variety of local crews and talent, and securing the most cost effective production resources, regardless of the location.
As a director, Peter views his role as a combination of creativity, strong leadership and organization. Cognizant of the fact that filmmaking is in truth a business, he believes a director's responsibilities are to provide both entertaining as well as profitable movies.

Peter is a native of Greece and has lived in California most of his adult life and currently resides in Fresno.

Peter Maris
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