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Zombie Hunters (2007)

This action packed, zany, comedy adventure unfolds when brilliant Nobel Prize winning scientist Dr. Frankfurt (Billy Drago) goes AWOL and begins experimenting on the synthesis of zombies, leaving the United States government with no choice but to call in...the Zombie Hunters.

Peter Maris
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The Survivor (2006)

Nicole Weller (Jana Williams) is a young actress in a movie on location in the Sierra mountains. It turns out to be anything but what she hoped for when a gang of vicious killers shoot the film director and take Nicole hostage. Will she survive her captors in... The Survivor.

Finish Line (2005)  

The story of a young man's passion for muscle cars who is constantly harassed by local town rich boys. His troubles grow when his family is in trouble of losing their farm. Find out how Danny Tanner saves his family and the girl he loves in this red line action flick... Finish Line.



Warpath (2000)

Warpath is a taut, riveting action adventure thriller about Native American's search for justice. He summons his childhood training and the spirits of his ancestors as he faces the ultimate test of survival. Jim is accused of murder and wanted law.

Obsession Kills (1995)

A chilling erotic thriller that unfolds in the dark tradition of film noir, OBSESSION KILLS is a sexy ride with numerous twists and turns. Starring Playboy model Lisa Comshaw (also of THE PUPPET MASTERS) and featuring soap opera veteran Carrie Genzel of "Days Of Our Lives" and "All My Children".

Phantasmagoria (1995)

After trading their noisy Boston condo for a bizarre mansion on a small island along the New England coastline, Adrienne and Donald Gordon are slowly enveloped in a mystery of boundless, supernatural proportions.

Alien Species (1996)

Huge motherships from an alien species sneak ominously into orbit earth. Lethal, bat-winged fighters descend to the planet. Citizens are abducted. Homes are destroyed. The invasion has begun. With the secret to destroy the attacking space ships, there's a chance they can stop the alien invasion; for now.

Can It Be Love (1992)

String bikinis, wet t-shirts, killer babes, and raging dudes can only mean one thing - spring break! Party with Tim and Dave as they cruise the beach in search of the heiress with the hidden birthmark.

Ministry of Vengeance (1989)

A Vietnam War veteran (John Schneider) renounces the military for a priest's habit, but after his wife and daughter are killed by terrorists in Rome (and the government does nothing), the hero returns to violent means.

Diplomatic Immunity (1991)

Diplomatic Immunity is a taut, riveting thriller about one man's search for justice. When Marine Sgt. Hickel (Bruce Boxleitner) learns that his daughter has been brutally murdered by Klaus Hermann. He is enraged.the action explodes as Cole faces the ultimate test of survival.

Hangfire (1991)

The crash of a tanker truck leads to the evacuation of the prison by the warden (George Kennedy). In the ensuing confusion, anti-social cons Kuttner (Lee De Broux) and Patch (James Tolkan) kidnap prison psychologist Maria Slayton (Kim Delaney) and hit the road with a bus full of prisoners.

Delirium (1979)

A vigilante group has set up an organization to capture criminals that have escaped the legal justice. A member of the group, an ex-Vietnam war veteran, goes out of control and creates havoc. Now it is up to two cops to find him and stop him and his senseless bloodshed.

Land of Doom (1986)

In the future after a war has wiped out any sense of humanity that may have survived the 20th century. Motorcycle-riding groups of toughs are now riding roughshod as they try to wipe each other out. Humanity's last hope is two lone survivors  search of a legendary place where people are attempting to resuscitate civilization.

Terror Squad (1987)

Somewhere in the Middle East, a passionately flamboyant Arab leader whips his people into a frenzy during a street protest against America's superpower and invades a Midwest American town. The town's only hope is a ragged group of teenagers from the local high school.

Viper (1988)

James Macalla (Chris Robinson) is a prominent university researcher whose mysterious death is not investigated to the satisfaction of his distraught wife, Laura (Linda Purl). Laura sets off to find the real killers and discovers that they are linked to a shadowy band of government operators.