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Films for Distribution

Maris Entertainment Group is proud to present a variety of films for distribution for various companies and countries alike. Feel Free to email us to discuss distribution of our films in your area.

Peter Maris
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The Survivor (2006)

Nicole Weller (Jana Williams) is a young actress in a movie on location in the Sierra mountains. It turns out to be anything but what she hoped for when a gang of vicious killers shoot the film director and take Nicole hostage. Will she survive her captors in... The Survivor.

Alien Species (1996)

Huge motherships from an alien species sneak ominously into orbit earth. Lethal, bat-winged fighters descend to the planet. Citizens are abducted. Homes are destroyed. The invasion has begun. With the secret to destroy the attacking space ships, there's a chance they can stop the alien invasion; for now.


Warpath (2000)

Warpath is a taut, riveting action adventure thriller about Native American's search for justice. He summons his childhood training and the spirits of his ancestors as he faces the ultimate test of survival. Jim is accused of murder and wanted law.

Zombie Hunters (2007)

This action packed, zany, comedy adventure unfolds when brilliant Nobel Prize winning scientist Dr. Frankfurt (Billy Drago) goes AWOL and begins experimenting on the synthesis of zombies, leaving the United States government with no choice but to call in...the Zombie Hunters.